JSC Algont: offerte dei prodotti nel campo dei sistemi di riconoscimento biometrico

1. Presentazione della JSC Algont (inglese)

JSC Algont was founded in 1989 and has a long and successful record of design, manufacture and deploying of intelligent security systems able to ensure comprehensive security of facilities of any type and sophistication. A staff of expert specialists conducts research and development of security systems on a continuous basis.

JSC ALGONT offers a full scope of production process, starting from early project survey, front-end engineering, vulnerability analysis, manufacturing of equipment, software development, shipping and assembling, system integration, startup and adjustment to personnel training, warranty and postproduction service along with free consulting for the product’s life of service.

Chief areas of Company business:

1) develop software and design of automated security solutions, including integrated physical security systems

2) hardware engineering and technologies for security systems (intelligent electronic devices, access control & security barriers an more

3) project engineering of integrated security systems, from front-end to detail design

4) manufacturing of equipment at own industrial base

The Company's competitive advantages:

1) A hi-tech engineering company with a record of working on the security systems market over 20 years;

2) The company is based in Central Russia;

3) The company is based in Central Russia;

4) In-house production of security software and hardware.

The Company's technological advantages:

1) We provide a full scope of services for production of integrated security systems, starting from front-end engineering to adjustment and startup and pilot operation;

2) Own engineering and industrial base for design and manufacture of equipment;

3) Vast experience and potential available for conversion and integration of hardware manufactured by different producers into a solid full-functional system.

Innovative projects:

- Mantrap-based automated system of passport control for border checkpoints

- Wrap-up training & exercise drill ground for training of anti-terror units

- Border guard simulation model for crisis drills

- High security facility simulation model for crisis drill, monitoring, analysis and strategic planning of emergency response, crisis communication and command center

- A smart home automated system of software and hardware for facility life sustenance.

- A self-contained comprehensive security system for schools, municipal facilities and residential areas

- Explosive detector

- Inventory Software and Asset Tracking Software & Hardware for construction site warehouse management and control of contractor labor

2. Descrizione delle offerte (inglese)

Sistema automatico d’ispezione di sicurezza dell’automobile

AVTO-DOSMOTR recognition of vehicle registration plate; Automated Vehicle Underbody Inspection System underbody scanning and converting to high resolution image file; automatic checking of underbody against master image to detect extraneous items of minimum size 25 by 25 mm; allow for detailed scrutiny of underbody image on the monitor; maintaining database of photos classified by date/time of inspection/license plate; search and retrieval of photos from database for inspection.